Saab 9-5

Saab is a Swedish automaker that manufactures a number of affordable luxury vehicles that tend to be a bit less expensive than brands like BMW and Mercedes.

After being sold by General Motors to Dutch automaker Spyker, Saab is currently in the process of updating its fleet. Its flagship 9-3 is still available in a variety of styles, including a convertible, sedan or wagon, but most other Saab models will have to be found on the used market.

While Saab introduced a new version of its 9-5 this year, most 9-5s that car buyers come across on the used car market will be from the first generation of the model. This car is known for its safety and comes as both a wagon and sedan with either an inline-4 or V6 engine.

Saab’s other vehicles, both discontinued now, are the 9-2X and 9-7X. The 9-2X is a four-door station wagon that is closely related to the Subaru Impreza, as the car was a joint development between Saab and Subaru. The 9-7X was Saab’s only SUV offering for a number of years, but will be replaced in the near future by the upcoming 9-4X.

Families will likely gravitate toward the Torrent crossover SUV, which was still successful for the company till the end, though they may also like the Montana minivan or Aztek SUV.

Pontiac also offers vehicles through the GM Certified program. With the brand ending, it is not known how much longer GM will continue to support these vehicles through this feature, so fans of the brand may want to act fast to take advantage of the extended warranties and inspections that come with cars in the program.